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Chat de conversation

Niveaux A2 – B1 – B2         Nouveaux groupes: 12.10.2020

Join a friendly community of French learners on WhatsApp.

The goal of the chat is to help you speak every day on a certain subject revising what you’ve learnt and working on your fluency as well as grammar, prononciation, vocabulary or comprehension.

The chat works by weekly programs. You can join one week, two weeks or the whole month.

2 groups of the Chat in october.

Groupe 1. Classic Chat to improve your grammar and speaking skills. Every week you have one grammar and vocabulary topic to practice. Every day you have 3 different exercices to do orally that I correct. Here are topics of this month:

  1. Verbes pronominaux // ma personnalité
  2. Passé composé // bonnes et mauvaises expériences 
  3. Accord des adjectifs // les stéréotypes  
  4. Pronoms y, en // voyage

Groupe 2. Video version of the Chat. Every week you watch one vidéo divided into 5 parts. Every day you have one grammar topic to revise. Every day you have 3 different oral exercices to do orally that I correct.

  1. Vidéo TED.
  2. Épisode d’une série.
  3. Vidéo YouTube.
  4. Émission – débats.

Every weekend you take control of the Chat sharing videos, pictures, stories and talking to other members of the group.

You will need about 30 minutes each day to study and record your oral answer.

The chat is for you if:
  • levels A2-B1-B2
  • if you struggle to speak
  • you manage to speak, but make lots of mistakes
  • if you have nobody to practice your spoken French with
  • if you studied French before and want to revive the language
  • if you want to progress quicker


New group starts 12.10.2020

   Read testimonials of the participants at the end of the page.

You can join the Chat every Monday for one week at 9€ or for the whole month at 31€

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Enroll for one week

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If you have any questions or comments, please write a comment bellow.


Testimonials of the participants of previous groups of Chat de Conversation: