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I will help you learn French!

Are you dreaming of

visiting France and

speaking confidently

to the French?


Do you live in a

French-speaking country

and would like to integrate

well? Or are you preparing

to pass an exam for getting French citizenship?

Have you learnt the

basics of French and

you have nobody to practice it with?

Do you adore French

language and would

finally like to take

the plunge and start learning it?


Do you want to learn

more about French

culture and French

way of living


In any of these cases you are in the right place. I offer you on-line French language lessons. With Skype (or FaceTime) it has never been easier and more effective to learn a language. Learn French whenever you want and from any place.

Are you ready? Then book a free trial lesson so that we can get to know eacher other and talk through all the questions you’ve got.

On this page you will find information about me, watch my presentation video, learn about my lesson and the way I work and read the testimonials from my current and former students.

Don’t forget to have a glance at my blog, where you can learn how to understand real-life French. I also have a Facebook page where I publish mini-lessons of French on a daily basis.

Finally, you can always contact me if you have a question or want to know more about me.




My name is Victoria and I’m a professional French language teacher. I have been teaching for several years, firstly in Russia and now in France and on-line. I work with people from any place in the world and I really like it. I have been living in the South-West of France for more then 6 years. I appreciate a lot Bordeuax, this ancient and modern city, its roundabouts, its vineyards and the proximity to the ocean and summer resorts.

Teaching is my passion. I adore meeting new peple, help them achieve their goals and share my knowledge of the French language and French culture. I have learnt two foreign languages when I was a student and I perfectly understand all the difficulties you can have while learning French. I do my best to make my lessons as fun as effective to enable you speak French confidently.

I’m patient, ethousiastic and I adore French.


Don’t loose your time and learn to speak French confidently. I teach you a real-life French language. I adapte my lessons to your needs and your level. I work with beginner and intermediate levels and I offer a variety of lessons: structured lessons of gerenral French where we work on four language skills (speaking, listening, writing and reading), conversational lessons, where we disscuss different topics you are interested in or exam preparation lessons (DELF, TCF, French cityzenship, etc).

I know it can be difficult to learn a new language and I do my best to make my lessons as fun as useful. I use lots of on-line ressources (YouTube, radio podcasts, articles from newspapers and magazines, blogs, etc) to keep you motivaited and to share French culture and the French way of living. I prefer speaking French during classes, but if you are a total beginner or if there is a difficult grammar point to explain I can do it in English or Russian.


In my lessons I offer you:

– on-line lessons via Skype, FaceTime, WhatsUp or GoogleHangout;

– a free trail lesson (to evaluate your level, define your goals and make up a personalised program, discuss all the questions you have and to get to know each other);

– free learning materials via GoogleDocs;

– advice on the most effective ways of learning French;

– home work to make progress between the classes;

– e-mail support in case you have any questions or propositions;

– lessons are payed by PayPal or banc transfer 48h before the lesson;

– the price is lower if you are studying in miny-groups.

Do you still have questions? Write me a message here. Are you ready to start learning French? Then don’t hesitate to book a free trail lesson.

Here is what my students say about our lessons.
I have really been impressed with Victoria. She is so personable, organized, and resourceful. Every time we Skype for a lesson she introduces yet another interesting and helpful article, video, or learning technique that really enhances my French studies. Immediately, Victoria makes you feel comfortable. She provides a learning environment that encourages growth through speaking and interacting. She is a wonderful combination of knowledge, professionalism, and kindness.
Teresa, United States


J’ai pris une quarantaine de leçons avec Victoria.  Elle est un professeur de français fantastique.  Elle est toujours préparée pour nos leçons et travaille dur pour trouver des exercices qui sont très pertinents et amusants. Elle utilise des textes, des enregistrements audio et des vidéos dans ses exercices et trouve toujours quelque chose de nouveau et intéressant pour moi.  Et surtout elle est très patiente avec moi.  Je recommande vivement Victoria.  Elle est la meilleure !

Kevin Kennedy, Kailua, Hawaii

I have had the pleasure of studying with Victoria on a weekly basis for three years. Her passion for teaching is evident in her lessons, which are stimulating, meaningful, and relevant. She is able to bridge the gap between theory and practice. Her expertise with technology allows her to use all types of media for teaching her subject, allowing her to to personalize each lesson and provide materials and topics that are interesting and motivating. Her warm and gracious manner creates an environment conducive to learning. Learning to speak a foreign language envolves making many mistakes, which can be a difficult experience as an adult learner. Victoria provides an environment in which one is encouraged to speak in their new language without feeling small or belittled. She has an unending amount of patience. Victoria is an example of a gifted teacher who is able to push students to excel, while at the same time respecting a student’s struggle.  Without the help of Victoria, I would never have had the confidence to strike up a conversation in French. She’s the best!

Sandra Hamilton, USA

Здравствуйте, меня зовут Елена! Вот уже несколько месяцев я занимаюсь французским языком с Викторией. С Викторией очень приятно и легко заниматься, она очень понятно преподносит новую информацию, даёт интересные советы по изучению языка. Благодаря занятиям, я начала уверенней чувствовать себя в общении, чего мне и не хватало. Благодарю Викторию за позитивные занятия и интересные обсуждения!

Елена, Швейцария

Victoria est une professeur très bien organisée. Elle a toujours un plan et programme d’enseignement pour chaque leçon. J’aime le document Google qu’elle crée pour les étudiants individuellement. Il contient des matériaux de toutes les leçons et il est vraiment utile pour la révision. Elle utilise beaucoup de ressources pour les leçons et elles ne sont  jamais ennuyeuses.

Daria, Luxembourg


I was always afraid of the French! It  seemed to me very difficult:  grammar and pronunciation. After the first lesson with Victoria I fell in love with this language. After  some months I can understand people and it’s so great!
And if you want to start to stady this language from the beginning, Victoria will be the best choice!

Anastasia, Switzerland


Thank you for your visit and have a happy time learning French!