Je me présente. ?>

Je me présente.

Je m’appelle Victoria Vernhes et je suis professeur de français langue étrangère.
My name is Victoria Vernhes and I am a teacher of French as a foreign language.
Меня зовут Виктория Верн, и я преподаватель французского как иностранного языка.

Je suis une professeur expérimentée, diplômée de l’Institut des Relations Internationales en linguistique (anglais et français).
I am an experienced teacher with a degree in linguistics (English and French) from the Institute of International Relations.
Я опытный преподаватель с дипломом Института международных отношений по лингвистике (английский и французский).

J’enseigne le français depuis 2016, je parle français depuis 2004.
I have been teaching French since 2016, and I have been speaking French since 2004.
Я преподаю французский с 2016 года и говорю на французском с 2004 года.

Le français et l’enseignement sont mes deux passions.
French and teaching are my two passions.
Французский язык и преподавание — мои два больших увлечения.

Je suis dynamique, bienveillante, patiente, créative et toujours à l’écoute. 
I am dynamic, kind, patient, creative, and always attentive.
Я динамичная, доброжелательная, терпеливая, креативная и всегда внимательная.

2 thoughts on “Je me présente.

  1. Hi Victoria, I contacted you through Instagram, I want to speak fluently the french language. Years ago I took some courses of french and now I want to take it back and improve my nivel. My goal is work in France and live there but I know that for making that possible, I have to speak better. I had some jobs interviews but sometimes my lack of comprensation was bad, so could you please me inform how your courses works? I want a intensive course, how much it cost? When will start? For my job sometimes I work during the day or sometimes during the afternoon.
    Thank you for your information.

    1. Hello Alejandra,
      Thank you for your message and nice to meet you.
      I’ll be glad to help you to improve your French. I can offer you three solutions:
      1) Individual skype lessons: we work towards your goals, you choose the time and day of studies as well as the number of lessons per week. During the lessons we focus on speaking and applying all the learnt information in the conversation.
      2) Le défi 25 jours en français – It’s a speaking challenge where in 40 days you will have to speak on 25 different subjects. That’s an ideal choice if you want to boost quickly your speaking skills. This challenge is rather intensive and you will have to work every day. The next group will start in the middle of may.
      3) Coaching suivi – I create a personnalised program for your studies for 10 lessons. You study on your own and prepare an oral topic for each lesson. You study in your own rythme, but you have an obligation to do all the exercices and oral topics before the end of 30 days. You can start this program at any time.
      Hope one of this offers will be suitable for you.

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